Hi, Im This Billboard

Yes... The one on Stirling Highway

Along the railway line down near Mosman Park.

Welcome to my little place on the Internet.

I wanted to be Famous

I bet you reckon it's a bit weird

that a boring old billboard has a website

When you’ve spent your whole life by the side of the road, not talking to anyone and only sharing other people’s stories, all you want to do is to share your own stuff and be an individual.

And when you’re bolted to the ground, there’s nowhere better to share, than on the Internet.

So I Reached Out

I went online, I made a Facebook and I got on Twitter.

But I still wasn’t getting any attention.

And here I am

I got in touch with the guys at Bonfire

They helped me get a web presence, built me my own shiny new corner of the Internet.

and most importantly they got me the number 1 spot on Google,
so it was easier than ever to find me.

I’d love to get to know you

Being a billboard I’ve always loved all things sheet metal and traditional marketing

And now I’ve found a new, third love; digital marketing. I’ve got heaps to share so…

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