My Story

I am This Billboard

You’ve probably gathered that I’m not your “run of the mill” billboard.

A lot has happened since I was erected back in 1972. The world has rapidly changed… Just look at the cars that drive past me every day.  Back then it was all big cars with big engines. These days, the cars are tiny – and you can’t even hear them running. Apparently some of them are electric? What tha!

So the world has changed, BUT my days have been pretty much the same for over 40 years.

Just covered in everyone else’s stories – day in, day out. Every month, some  nice person just rewraps me in another story, selling another product or brand.

Boring! No one bothering to care about what I’ve got to say. Let’s face it – they dont even wave as they drive past.

But I want to be better than that. I want people pay more attention to me. I want them to care. Notice who I am and that I am truly an awesome Billboard. The best in the Western Suburbs.

… So that’s when I decided it was time to take things into my own hands. To take charge!

I want to be FAMOUS! And I’ve decided to get a local Marketing company to make it happen. So stay tuned…

Here are just some of the fantastic results that have been achieved so far:
– Multiple #1 rankings in Google including ‘this billboard’
– 1379 website visitors in just 15 days
– 50,000+ Facebook page impressions
– 59 mentions on Twitter
– Twitter interactions with many Perth celebrities
– Mentioned on 92.9 breakfast show
– Mumbrella wrote an article about me