Producing the Ethics Report

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Big thanks to all of my news friends, fans and followers! I’ve had a blast this past month chatting, sharing and laughing with you all!

And a massive thanks to my BFF, Clay, and the whole team at Bonfire – there’s no way I could have become this famous, this quickly without you all. #BonfireRocks

Don’t worry…. I’ll still be around! My newfound fame is tiring though, so I’m gonna take a bit of a break. Can’t go far (obviously!), but I can dream of lazing on a beach in Bali or even visiting my billboard friends in Times Square, NY.
As my fame grows, I wont forget the people who helped get me started. You, my friends, were there from the very beginning, and for this, I thank you.



Visitors, Visitors and More Visitors

Check it out…

My website is being flooded with visitors!

My Bonfire Account Manager, Jenny (that’s right – I have an account manager! FANCY), sent me over some stats on my campaign so far.

This little baby below shows me that I have had over 1600 people visit my website in just 30 days. 30 DAYS!

This is crazy; I didn’t even have a website back in August, but now I do and it’s going great guns! [doing a happy dance]

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 1.57.08 PM Loves Me!

OMG… look… look… look!

I’m on…. NEWS.COM.AU!!


Looks like my friends at Bonfire have been busy getting me more and more exposure online. Love it!


UPDATE: So it turns out I’m not so much famous, just Bonfire are really good at Digital Marketing.

Had a chat to my bestie, Clay, yesterday and he tells me that they are doing some Remarketing campaigns for my brand. That’s why my ad was on Basically, anyone who has visited my (AWESOME!) website will continue to see me on their travels around the Internet on other website’s like and

I’m still claiming it as a victory in my quest for fame!