Who’s Bonfire

Fed up with being just another boring billboard along Stirling Highway, I decided that I wanted to be the most popular one in Perth.

As I’m bolted to the ground, I figured the best way to do this was on the internet…

And as I find it kind of hard to swipe with no fingers, let alone type; I knew I was going to need some help.

So in August 2014, I reach out to some of Perth’s best digital marketing companies. Fortunately the nice folks at Bonfire responded to my plea for help. I’m sure all the other companies’ responses must have got lost in the mail.

Anwyays, from what I hear, the team at Bonfire are some of the best in the business. That’s good as I guess it’s going to take some work to make me famous.

After responding to my letter for help, we sat down (well they sat, I just stood around as I do) and they asked me a bunch of questions to work out why I wanted to be famous and worked out the best way to make this happen.

The first step on this road to fame and billboard glory was to build me this spiffy new website – which I reckon looks pretty awesome. What do you reckon?

This website’s only the start. They have a really long and impressive looking marketing plan for me. As I don’t really get this digital marketing stuff, they’ve got lots more info about how they’re going to make me famous on their cool website.

So if you want to know more about it – head over there!